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2008-02-26 23:38:40 by hiphop-defence-crew

Our First Round winner is ---

Born Into Freedom by Zajed(feat:war-spawn) --- ten/116501

Every one should go now and vote a 5 for this song make zajed #1 in the hip-hop portal!!!


2008-02-26 23:32:29 by hiphop-defence-crew

You my now start voting round 2.

1] CalibertheButcher's rap song: Gangsta Music n/119464

2] Wytenoiz's "Tryna Leave the Game" n/124929

3] Smurfbeatz' Luminescence n/121238


2008-02-22 00:44:07 by hiphop-defence-crew





TOTAL = 17

We need to gather more members. help promote the crew by -1] adding a link in your forum sig
2] posting a news-post (blog)
3] PM people that might want to join


2008-02-22 00:00:17 by hiphop-defence-crew

Hear artist may post ADz and links to there music to get there stuff heard.


2008-02-21 23:54:57 by hiphop-defence-crew

HEAR you may chat about anything you want. just no ADs save that for the ADs post. you can use this just like a forum.


2008-02-19 19:47:39 by hiphop-defence-crew

this is hear to explain how the voting and nominating systems are going to work.

the time limit is now one week. 3 days of nominations and 4 of voting.

we will create a post saying the date and that ether nominations or voting can start you then comment the post telling us ether who you nominate or who you vote for, depending on the post.

when nominating follow all crew rules, and include a link

at the end of the first 3 days of nominations the mods will agree on 3 nominations to be voted on.

then a new post will be made telling you that voting will start and we will list the 3 songs and artists, with links, that should be voted on. you then comment on that post telling us who you vote for. at the end of the round we will announce the winner. please see rules.

The Rules

2008-02-19 18:28:30 by hiphop-defence-crew

Im starting this crew so people in the hiphop portal can discuss who we think should be the #1 rated artists in the portal. simple and hopefully effective. and good looks to cajete for giving me the idea.


1= do not use this crew to promote your own work, you must be nominated by another person to have us think about voting your work to the top. unless you are commenting under the "hiphop ads" post

2= we will not be giving out rankings every one has equal say in what we all vote to do.

3=to join you must be a active member and like hiphop thats it. also to get added to the members list that will be posted soon PM us and just say "im in"

4= when nominating please add a link 2 the song

5= you must only nominate hiphop songs/ artists

6= stay on the topic of what ever post you are commenting on.

7= at the end of the round the winner will be announced, and all members of the crew should vote that song with a 5, even if you do not agree vote a 5 any ways, and try to get your favorite song nominated next round.

i think that should cover it all if not PM us and let us know what should be changed/added.

The Situation

2008-02-19 17:49:50 by hiphop-defence-crew

HELP US PROMOTE THE CREW!!!!! we need everyones help to promote the crew. we don't expect anything big, anything little will help. posting on your own news post (blog) about the crew and add links. add a link in your forum sig. or PM people you think might want to join. we thank all our members for there help in making this crew successful and becoming a large community, because we know hip-hop is not just a art, its a lifestyle and a family of people who join for a common cause.

Hears the situation, the mods didn't like us on the forums, I'm not going to get into all the details but the big issue was they thought it was misplaced. we are talking to them about letting us post in the forums as well, for more of a general chat.

we are now going to have our own mods for the crew. they will be counting votes, announcing the winners, adding things to the crews page, monitoring the comments for rule infractions , and generally helping us with the problems at hand. please don't ask to be a mod, we will hand pick them. but if you do have an idea PM us.

The page will be updated regularly, so if you have any ideas and would like to share them with us send us a PM and we WILL reply back and tell you what we think and if we will use you idea or not. if we use your idea you will also get credit on the members list!!!